Hi there. Thanks for stopping by.

Rest assured, this blog you’re reading has been sustainably produced and is locally grown. Animals were harmed in testing, however, though these ‘animals’ were primarily myself and the unfortunate persons I asked for advice.  Wherever that leaves your conscience, I’ll carry on.

With the rise of hipster culture, or more correctly the mainstream’s newfound love affair of mocking this culture, hipster has become a household word for any uncommon interest or eccentric person. From a perch of high pretentiousness, obvious divine inspiration, keen social observation, I aim to correct, defend, criticize, suggest, insult, and any other nice verbs like those, aspects of this perception of the Hipster.

Expect new posts weekly, with the extra post maybe thrown in once and a while just for kicks.

Unkempt hair is the new kempt hair.

Unkempt hair is the new kempt hair.

Who am I?

Just a drinker of organic coffee and an ardent supporter of llamas over alpacas.

What’s with the name?

It combines two aspects of hipster culture: irony, and ponchos (which are representative of the deeper psychological implications in not only the need for individualism, but in the need for constant expression of that individualism). Also a pretty cool band name.


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